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10 Minute Clean Trace Test Swab (MT1) 3M Surface Swab

Model #: MT1
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Login for Prices 10 Minute Clean Trace Test Swab (MT1) 3M Surface Swab
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Category Food Safety & Hygiene

10 Minute 3M Clean-Trace Surface Protein Plus test detects protein from food residues and other sources. The Surface Protein Plus test can also detect other reducing substances present in food residues.

  • The test is time-dependent, i.e. the color develops with time, therefore disregard any color change after the 10 minute period. With higher levels of contamination, color may develop more rapidly - there is no need to continue timing once the color changes to purple.
  • The test is temperature dependent and therefore it is important to allow the devices to reach ambient temperature (59F to 77F) before performing the test.
  • The Clean-Trace Surface Protein Plus test is not intended as a microbiological monitoring tool but may detect bacteria in excess of (10 to the seventh power) CFU/test.
  • The color may form on the swab more than the solution with certain types of soil. Record the strongest color change on the swab or in the solution as the end result.
  • Luminometer is not required for these swabs. Result in exactly 10 minutes. No lab work is required. If it is green it is clean. Disposable 3M protein swabs.
  • Fast and easy way to check whether cleaning has been carried out to a satisfactory standard by means of protein detection. Everything you need for a result is contained in the compact device. There is no need for an instrument as results are visual.

With the unique swab-click-read format and simple color change technology, this swab test is very easy to use and implement in a busy production environment. The results are semi-quantitative with four possible colors. The faster the test turns purple the higher the level of contamination on a surface. The test detects protein and other reducing agents, considered as a superior hygiene indicator to glucose as more difficult to remove from a surface.

Proven to be one of the fastest & most reliable hygiene tests available

  • Minimal investment 3M Luminometer is not required
  • No complicated set-up
  • No lab fees
  • Immediate biochemical reaction*
  • Quick and easy to use, just three simple steps
  • Result within 10 minutes, with a simple color change
  • No need to store under refrigerated conditions+
* Indicates presence of the protein (not type)
+refrigeration will extend shelf life substantially
Remove the 10 Minute Protein Test swab.
Swab the test surface. (4 inches horizontal and vertical)
Firmly press down the handle into the swab tube and shake rapidly from side to side for at least 5 seconds.
Wait 10 minutes exactly for result, measure the solution against the swab label. More or less than 10 minutes is inaccurrate and should not be considered.


Protein is a common substance. It is present on skin, hair and on many services.

  • Do not touch the swab or the surface to be tested.
  • Do not use devices pass expiration date.
  • Do not store in direct sunlight.

There is minimal interference with most common sanitizers at normal concentrations. However high concentrations of alkaline cleaners may cause false-negative results in some instances. Peroxide based disinfectants can cause a false positive color change reaction with the Clean-Trace Surface Protein Plus test.

Protein swab tests indicate the hygiene level after cleaning by detecting residuals of protein which can be left behind after inadequate cleaning. The swabs are assessed at EXACTLY 600 SECONDS (10 minutes) using a color scale and are rated as satisfactory, borderline or unsatisfactory.

Instructions for Use

  1. Place the Clean-Trace test swabs at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before use. On dry surfaces the swab should be pre-moistened with clean non-chlorinated potable water.
  2. Swab the test area. Where practical, swab an area approximately 4" x 4" and swab the area in one direction and then swab the area in the opposite direction. Apply pressure on the swab and rotate the swab as the sample is collected to ensure repeatable and effective sampling.
  3. Reinsert the sample stick into the device with the handle inserted to the original position of the unused device. At this point you can either activate and read immediately, or, if it is more convenient, the Clean-Trace test may be labeled and left unactivated for up to four hours before activation and reading of multiple swabs simultaneously.
  4. To process the sample, push down firmly on the top of the sample stick handle. The handle will slide into the device tube and the top of the handle should be level with the top of the device tube when fully depressed. Grip the top of the device and shake rapidly side-to-side for at least five seconds to mix the sample and reagent. The solution will turn mint green.
  5. Set a timer for 10 minutes and incubate the swabs at room temperature in a vertical position. After the 10 minute time, compare the color of the swab and the solution against the color chart on the Clean-Trace Surface Protein Plus label.
Color Scale which may help understand the result provided by the Clean Trace Swab.

For quantities greater than 99 Follow this link.

Material Safety Data Sheet for Smoke Detector Tester Click to View the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) (The Adobe Acrobat .pdf file will open in another window.)

Download Instruction Sheet

User responsibility

  • When selecting a test method, it is important to recognize that external factors such as sampling methods, testing protocols, sample preparation, handling, and laboratory technique may influence results.
  • It is the user's responsibility in selecting any test method to evaluate a sufficient number of samples with the appropriate matrices and challenges to satisfy the user that the chosen test method meets the user's criteria.
  • It is also the user's responsibility to determine that any test methods and results meet its customers and suppliers requirements.
  • As with any test method, results obtained from use of this product do not constitute a guarantee the quality of the matrices of processes tested.
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Category Food Safety & Hygiene
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