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Smoke Detector Testing
TestProducts.com - Fire Safety Index: Testing Smoke Detectors

The Federal Government says 16 million smoke detectors in US homes do not work.
Furthermore, studies show that working smoke detectors reduce the risk of fatalities by 50%.

Smoke Detector Tester Smoke Detector Tester

NFPA 72: NATIONAL FIRE ALARM AND SIGNALING CODE has changed (since 2002 edition). Functional Smoke Entry Testing is now required for all multi-family dwelling units.

The new revision in Chapter 11 of the National Fire Alarm Code, 2002 Edition now requires that "Fire-warning equipment shall be maintained and tested in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and per the requirements of Chapter 10".

Chapter 10 (with references to Chapter 2) makes it clear that the same requirements for testing smoke detectors listed under uL 268 and uL 1730 shall be applied to those listed under uL 217, namely, for functional smoke entry and sensitivity testing in multi family dwellings, including hotels, motels, apartments, and assisted-living care facilities.

Smoke Detector Tester™ from Home Safeguard is the most reliable, economical, and preferred way to achieve smoke entry test compliance with the new Code 72.

"The detector shall be tested in place to ensure smoke entry into the sensing chamber and an alarm response. Testing with smoke or listed aerosol approved by the manufacturer shall be permitted as acceptable test methods."

Smoke Detector Tester puts both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors through their paces to ensure that their circuitry and alarm systems are functioning and that they are actively sampling the air for any hint of a fire. Our patented formulation of aerosol particles simulates the entire range of fire conditions giving you the confidence of knowing your fire alarm system will respond promptly to any kind of fire condition.

Tested, Approved, and Preferred Don't just take our word for it. Simply note that the highly regarded Underwriters Labs approved Smoke Detector Tester after subjecting the product to a series of rigorous torture tests. This independent lab not only approved Home Safeguard products but also used Home Safeguard's Smoke Detector Tester themselves to test smoke detectors submitted to them for approval.

A number of smoke detector manufacturers also use the product in their manufacturing process, but that's not all. We are also the preferred choice of many government agencies, including all U.S. Veterans Administration hospitals (and many private hospitals, as well), Convalescent centers, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, U.S. Embassies and military installations at home and abroad and municipal fire departments who also recommend the product to owners and managers of multiple-family dwellings and Fortune 500 companies are among our regular customers.

Properly Testing Your Smoke Detector
According to a 1995 government-conducted survey, more than 16 million smoke detectors in homes across the country are not working properly, seriously jeopardizing the safety of people living in the those homes. What should you be doing? Reprint of a letter from Leon Cooper, founder of Home Safeguard Industries LLC.

+16,000,000 Defective Smoke Detectors
In 1994, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission found that there were more homes with non-functioning smoke detectors than there were homes without smoke detectors.

Family Safety: Evacuation Planning
Post this information in a prominent place in the home. Make sure all family members read and understand the plan. Practice the plan regularly.

Does Your Smoke Detector Work?
Find out if your smoke detector will work at that critical moment when it is needed most. Also, find out why the "test button" is not the most effective way to test a smoke detector.

Testing Home Smoke Detectors
One of our most important articles. Includes a court room scenario of an attorney interrogating the CEO of a mythical smoke detector manufacturer.

This exciting product designed specifically for supervised systems will tell you quickly, easily, and economically whether your smoke detectors are working or not. uL listed, this product is approved for testing smoke detectors function per NFPA 72E par. 8-2.4.1 when used as directed.

TO USE: From a distance of 2 to 4 feet (0.6-1.2m) aim spray for 1-2 seconds at the vents or side of the detector. Alarm will sound within 1 to 10 seconds if the detector functions properly unless the detector has a built-in delay circuit. Detectors with delay circuits should be sprayed 1 or 2 additional times to activate the alarm.


Professional size can - 2.5oz. (300+ test bursts)

Sample size can - 0.5oz (10+ test bursts)

Megohmmeter Analog Insulation Resistance Tester (IRT3) w/Case
Megohmmeter Analog Insulation Resistance Tester (IRT3) w/Case
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Versa-Test Heat Detector Test Kit (VT694-8) with 8' Telescoping Pole
Versa-Test Heat Detector Test Kit (VT694-8) with 8' Telescoping Pole
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Smoke Emitter: Orange; 18000 Cubic Feet (S107-OR) 8 Minutes
Smoke Emitter: Orange; 18000 Cubic Feet (S107-OR) 8 Minutes
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Solo 100 Telescopic Fiberglass 15 Foot Extension Pole 4 Section
Solo 100 Telescopic Fiberglass 15 Foot Extension Pole 4 Section
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Open Delivery Extension Pole Aluminum 50" (N59) Use with N30 Head
Open Delivery Extension Pole Aluminum 50" (N59) Use with N30 Head
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RadonAway 6inch Radon Fan (XR261c) Inline VOC Mitigation Fan
RadonAway 6inch Radon Fan (XR261c) Inline VOC Mitigation Fan
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