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Versa HeatCalibur Electronic Heat Detector Tester (HC11) with Chargers

Model #: HO-HC11


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Versa HeatCalibur Electronic Heat Detector Tester (HC11) with Chargers
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Category Fire and Smoke Safety

HeatCalibur HO-HC11

The HeatCalibur electronic heat detector tester by Home Safeguard. This revolutionary new tool will test virtually all heat detectors: ROR, Fixed Temp and Pencil Style, within 90 seconds (1-1/2 minutes). This tool shows the temperature that the alarm sounded at. HeatCalibur performs the most tests per battery/per charge. Can perform up to 60 tests per hour. The ROI on this tool is remarkable, pays for itself in months!

  • Light weight, easy to use, this unit weighs under 3lbs.
  • Designed to test Rate of Rise, Fixed Temperature and Pencil Heat Detectors.
  • Bright, easy to read, Digital LED shows: Battery life, Accurate temp in fixed and rate of rise applications. With a high/low setting for those detectors requiring more heat, 6-1/2" bowl designed to accommodate all heat detectors styles, models, size and types.
  • Heat Ascension Technology, provides a steady, reliable heat source that will approach the detector as heat would, in a real fire.
  • EverCool engineering keeps the outsides of the unit cool to the touch at all times
  • Heats up within 5 to 10 seconds to accurately test detectors in the full range
    of 135 F and 220 F
  • 1 year Manufacturers Limited Warranty (extended service warranty(s) available)
  • Uses the Versa-Tools line of extension poles, HO-VT4x, HO-VT8, and HO-VT16
  • UL Listed Lithium Batteries. Unit is supplied with two batteries and includes a 110vAC electric charger and a 12vDC car charger.
  • Approximately 45 tests per fully charged batteries, with approximate 2 hour recharge, 45 min short car charge.
    Note: HeatCalibur is designed to be able to operate with one battery, when necessary.
  • Unit includes a hard shell storage case, for ease of transport and to protect your HeatCalibur, Heat Detector Tester
  • uL/uLC Listing Pending
  • Power Source: Custom Battery Pack: 25.9v 1.5Ah Li-ion rechargeable Battery with Fuel Gage display
  • Battery Charger: Custom Battery Charger: AC Charging 19V 2.75A
  • DC Charging (Car Cigarette plug adapter)
  • Operating Features:
    • Adjustable handle position.
    • Battery life display
    • Continuous test mode
    • Single or dual battery options
  • Test Modes:
    • Rate of Rise single mode Low Temperature
    • Rate of Rise Single mode High Temperature
    • Rate of Rise Continuous mode Low Temperature
    • Rate of Rise Continuous mode High Temperature
    • Fixed single mode Low Temperature
    • Fixed Single mode High Temperature
    • Fixed Continuous mode Low Temperature
    • Fixed Continuous mode High Temperature
  • Power Consumption:
    • 2 Battery Packs: From 60 test cycles (Full Cycle ROR Low temperature) Up to 200*
    • 1 Battery Pack: From 30 test cycles (Full Cycle ROR Low temperature) Up to 200*
  • Safety Features:
    • Battery over current cutout
    • 2 Minuate automatic test timeout.
    • 2 Minuate automatic standy power off
    • UL certified Battery and charger including Power supply
  • Detector Types: ROR, Fixed Temperature and combination detectors up to 100C (212F)
  • Environment
    • Operating Temperature Range: 0C (32F) to 45C (113F)
    • Operating Humidly Range: 0-85%RH non-condensing
    • Storage Temperature Range: -20C (-4F) to50C (122F)
    • Storage Humidly Range: 0-90% RH non-condensing
  • Weights:
    • HeatCalibur: 1.0Kg
    • HeatCalibur with 1 Battery pack: 1.5Kg
    • HeatCalibur With 2 Battery Packs: 2.0Kg
    • Battery Pack: 500g
    • Charger: 280g
  • Dimensions:
    • HeatCalibur: 268mm high (375mm with Handle) X 162mm wide X 100mm Deep at base (184mm
      at Bowl)
    • Charger: 189.0 x 95.0 x 64.0 mm

Operation Instructions:

  1. Turn Master Power switch on.
  2. Press Power button on control panel. (LCD Display and LEDs should light.)
  3. Select Test Type by pressing the Test Type ↕ button. LED will light to display selected test type.
    a. ROR- Rate of Rise Temperature Test
    b. FIXED- Fixed Temperature Test
  4. Select Test Mode by pressing the Test Mode ↕ button. LED will light to display selected test mode.
    a. STD- Standard Test Mode
    b. MULTI- Multiple Test mode
  5. Select Temperature Range by pressing the Temp Range ↕ button. LED will light to display selected
    Temperature Range.
    a. HIGH - High Temperature Range (190F-210F)
    b. LOW - Low Temperature Range (100F-135F)
  6. Press and hold Start Test button for 2 seconds until Ready is displayed on LCD. Unit is now ready to begin the test.
  7. Place unit over detector to be tested to start test. Contact of the outer ring will start test.
    a. A beep will sound when test is started. Once test is started, any point contact on outer ring will keep test running until removed.
    b. Hold over detector until detector is tripped.
  8. Remove from detector to stop test and capture temperature. Unit will beep twice when test is stopped. Fan will continue to run for 15 seconds to cool unit.
    a. Final temperature is displayed until Power button is pressed on the control panel, the Master Power switch is flipped, or 2 minutes pass.
    b. If unit is not removed before set test length (60-90 seconds), unit beeps twice and display flashes between final temperature, Error, and Timeout to reflect that test stopped before detector was tripped.

Other Operation Instructions:

  1. To change temperature units displayed, press the Power Button while holding the Temp Range ↕ button. Current set units will be briefly displayed on the LCD display.
  2. To display battery remaining press battery BATT% button. If battery is present, remaining charged percentage will be displayed for each battery.
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Category Fire and Smoke Safety
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