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Protimeter MMS+ Moisture Hygrometer Kit (BLD5800LH) w/HygroStick

Model #: BLD5800LH
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Category Moisture Detectors


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Protimeter MMS+ Moisture & Hygrometer Kit (BLD5800LH) comes with probes, Hygrostick and Software. Senses moisture to 0.75" using a non-invasive technology. Additionally the unit is a fully functioning Hygrometer to precisely measure the Relative Humidity in the air or in concrete using the GE Floor Sleeves.

Pin type, non-invasive and hygrometer with data storage in one meter. The Protimeter Moisture Measurement System Plus (MMS Plus) is a complete moisture measurement device for use in many different building related industries. The MMS combines pin type and non-invasive modes of measurement together with a thermo-hygrometer in one state-of-the-art instrument.
The MMS Plus incorporates grains per pound calculation; important when monitoring the drying out of buildings. Provided with data download software and a RS-232 cable for capturing and downloading up to 999 results to a PC.

The MMS Plus can be used systematically to:
  • Identify the presence of moisture on and below surfaces, as well as beneath coverings like ceramic tiles etc.
  • Measures relative humidity, dew point and temperature
  • Confirm the presence - or otherwise - of condensation on surfaces
  • Data log up to 999 results for upload to PC

The instrument is compact and simple to use, having a large liquid crystal display (LCD) and a cluster of just four buttons for selecting the operational modes. It is supplied in a nylon carry case together with the necessary accessories for a complete moisture survey.

When used as a moisture meter, the MMS Plus has two operational modes known as Search and Measure. By selecting Search mode and holding the instrument against building materials such as walls, the user obtains a qualitative indication of the moisture level beneath the surface or under a floor covering. By selecting Measure mode and using the standard pin or 5” deep wall probes to gather further information at the surface and up to 5” in depth below the surface.

The MMS can be used as a hygrometer to measure relative humidity, ambient temperature and dew point. In this way the moisture condition of domestic and commercial environments can be assessed and compared.

The HygroStick® sensor that is supplied with the instrument can also be embedded in solid floors (it is recommended to be used with Protimeter Floor Humidity Sleeves BLD4750HS) and walls to obtain a material’s equilibrium relative humidity ERH value. This technique has been widely adopted by the flooring industry (ASTM Standard F-2170-02) to establish if concrete floors have dried sufficiently prior to laying a floor covering.

For assessing the risk (or confirming the presence) of condensation on surfaces the MMS is used in Condensation mode. When the Surface Temperature Sensor is connected and held against a surface, the MMS displays the difference between the surface’s temperature and the dew point together with text messages that confirm whether or not condensation is occurring.


  • Pin Mode Range: 6 to 100 WME / Relative
  • Search Mode: 0 to 100% Relative Scale
  • Hygrometer range: 30 to 100% RH
  • Hygrometer Temperature Range -4° to 122° F


  • Deluxe nylon carrying pack with multiple compartments, belt loop, shoulder strap & heavy duty zippers. (POU5800-01)
  • Heavy duty moisture probe (BLD5060)
  • 5.5" (140mm) Deep Wall Probe (BLD5018)
  • Calibration Check (BLD5086)
  • Hygrometer Probe (HygroStick) Extension Lead (BLD5802)
  • Surface Temperature Sensor Probe (direct contact) (BLD5804)
  • HygroStick hygrometer probe (POL4750)
  • RS-232 Cable
  • Data logging upload software (Windows)
  • Instruction manual

(Download Users Manual (PDF format))

MMS+ with Deep Wall Probes

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Category Moisture Detectors
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