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Kane May KM9106P Quintox Combustion Analyzer w/Probe, Sensor & Printer

Model #: KM9106P


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Kane May KM9106P Quintox Combustion Analyzer w/Probe, Sensor & Printer
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Category Combustion Analyzers

The Kane May KM9106P portable analyzer measures efficiency and emissions from any industrial, commercial or residential heating appliance. It also easily measures emissions from engine exhaust, providing the complete information required by your air regulatory authority. The KM9106/P is simple to use via its unique remote logging handset, which has a 4-line programmable backlit display. The unit also features a built-in printer, easily accessed particle and SO2 filters, and has an integral battery with changer. The unit can be upgraded to house four additional sensors to meet future emission requirements, making it the most versatile, rugged portable combustion analyzer available today.

  • Measures O2 and CO (0 to 10,000 ppm) and temperature
  • Calculates efficiency, net stack temperature, CO2 and losses
  • Measures flue and inlet temperatures simultaneously.
  • Accurate Carbon Monoxide sensor with hydrogen compensation.
  • Over 70 pre-programmed fuels.
  • 15' handset cable & 15' probe hose with 1,112 F tolerance
  • Rugged combustion probe with detachable stainless steel shaft & integral thermocouple
  • Operate and view combustion information with the remote handset
  • Handset stores 1926 test memory slots
  • Rugged, lockable case
  • Long life Oxygen sensor with 2 year warranty
  • On the spot recording with integral printer
  • Operate and view combustion information with a remote handset
  • Powerful pump to draw gas supply from flue
  • Clear backlit 4 line display, displays preset pages or personally configured individual screens
  • Remote handset with protective rubber boot

Reference toxic gas reading when taking toxic gas readings to comply with a regulatory body, you normally have to reference them to a certain oxygen level. The Quintox will automatically display to a specific reference in either ppm or mg/m3. This type of referencing is sometimes termed 'diluted and undiluted readings' or 'oxygen free readings' when calculating to zero O2.

For maximum efficiency all combustion parameters are shown on the handset's large 4 line display, to allow the operator to see changes to boiler settings instantly. Each line of the display can be configured for Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Efficiency, Flue and Net Temperature and Excess Air. Over 70 different fuels are programmed into the Quintox to allow it to calculate values all over the world. A custom fuel option is also built-in to accommodate those fuels not yet established.

Resolution Accuracy Range
Temp Measurement
Flue Temperature with Probe 0.1

1C 0.3%

32-2140F (0-1100C)
Inlet Temperature 0.1

1C 0.3%

32-999F (0-600C)

Oxygen O2 0.1%


0 to 25%

Carbon Monoxide CO

(H2 compensated)


20ppm ≤400ppm

5% ≤5,000ppm

10% ≤5,000ppm

0 to 10,000ppm
Carbon Dioxide CO2 * 0.1%


0 to fuel value
Losses 0.1%


0 to 99.9%
Hydrocarbons (CH4)

≤1%: 0.05%

>1%: 5% of rdg.

0 to 5% LEL (CH4)
Efficiency 0.1%


0 to 99.9%
Excess Air 0.1%


0 to 2885.0%
Temp (Nett) 1.0

2C (0.3%)

32-1112F (0-600C)
CO/CO2 Ratio 0.0001


0 to 0.9999
Poison Index 0.01%


0 to 99.99

Use high temp probe over 1112F (600C)

Using dry gases at STP
* Calculated

The need for longer term monitoring on all combustion plants is growing and the Quintox has had features added to allow it to meet these needs, these features are included as standard or options:

  • Automatic water extraction, allowing the Quintox to operate unattended.
  • Purge solenoids allow fresh air on a timed basis or switch between high and low CO sensors.

Supplied with:

  • 1 ft. Test Probe: KMCP6
  • 15 ft. Handset Cord: RE5LG
  • Standard Water Trap Assembly: WTS9106
  • Sulphur Filter: SF1
  • Oxygen Sensor 0-25%: OS11
  • Teflon lined Flue gas probe, Battery & Battery charger
  • Protective rubber boot, User's manual & Large Cordura carrying case
  • One year limited manufacturer's warranty (2 year on O2 sensor)




CO (Hi-Range) 0~4% KM6CO1/Q
NO1 0~5,000ppm KMNO1/Q
NO1 low range 0~100ppm KM2N01/Q
NO2 0~1,000ppm KMNO2/Q
SO2 0~5,000ppm KMSO2/Q
Pressure 150mbar KMPS2/Q
HydroCarbon HC KMHC104/Q
*NOX will be calculated only if NO1 sensor is installed.
  • 1 ft. Smoke Test Probe: KMCSP6
  • 30 ft. Handset Cord: RE10LG
  • 60 ft. Handset Cord: RE20LG
  • 1 ft. High Temperature Probe (up to 2,140F): KMCHP6
  • 'Fireworks' Windows software: KMFG1
  • Auto Drain Water Trap Assembly: WTS9106P

Consumable Items:

  • Smoke Pump Test Kit: SPT1
  • Inlet Temperature Probe (6" Liquid K-Type): ATT100
  • Infrared Printer: KMIRP2
  • Particle Filter Element: 16345
  • Water Trap Filter Element: WN8
  • 10 Paper Rolls & 5 Printer Ribbons DP12

Download Data Sheet (PDF format)

Download Users Manual (PDF format)

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Category Combustion Analyzers
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