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InchMate Pro Construction Calculator (DT210) with Hinged Cover

Model #: DT210
Showroom Only


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Click Here to Contact Us for More Information InchMate Pro Construction Calculator  (DT210) with Hinged Cover
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Category Measuring Instruments
  • Calculate and Convert between: Feet, Inches, Fractions, Decimal Feet, Decimal Inches, Board Feet, Yards, Miles, Kilometers, Meters, Centimeters, and Millimeter including Square and Cube of each
  • Triangulation keys - given any two pitch, rise, run, or diagonal - automatically solves the other two
  • Calculate AREA, CIRCUMFERENCE & ARC LENGTH of a CIRCLE ...Or simply use as a regular math calculator
  • Paperless Tape stores up to 20 entries with easy review capabilities
  • Easily calculates cost per unit to estimate materials
  • Weight per volume, Temperature Conversions, Memory and much more
  • Protective Case included
  • Long lasting lithium battery with auto-off
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Standard Calculator Function

+,-,x,, =, x2, square root, %, p, 1/x, +/-

Memory Functions


Paperless Tape

Yes - Up to 20 entries with review capabilities

Units - measurement

feet, inches, fractions*, yards, meter, centimeter, millimeters, board feet

*dedicated fraction of an inch denominator keys

/2, /4, /8, /16, /32, /64

Units- weight

cycle thru tons, pounds & kgs in weight key

Units - liquid

Triangle Keys

Given any two - rise, run, diagonal or slope, automatically solves for the other two

Other Construction Keys

Other keys:

Weight, Wt/Vol., cube, square, round/fixed fraction and Cost Key

Circumference Keys

Circle, Arc,

Measurement Conversion:

Between all metric and imperial measurements including square & cube

Weight Conversions


Liquid Conversions


Temperature keys

C, F

Imperial / Metric Key - converts construction key defaults to metric

Yes and switches all second function metric keys to first function

Long Lasting Lithium Battery

Yes with auto-off

Protective Case


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An indispensable tool for: Cabinetmakers, Construction Trade, Do-it Yourselfers, Graphic Designers, Interior Designers, Space Planners, Architects, Builders, CAD Users, Carpenters, Contractors, Designers, Draftsmen, Engineers, Estimators, Homemakers, Students & You!

Download users manual in PDF format

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Category Measuring Instruments
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