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FACT: Radon gas causes an estimated 21,000 cancer deaths per year in the US & is the number two cause of lung cancer in the U.S. Radon gas is second only to smoking cigarettes according to the EPA, Surgeon General and The American Lung Association. Get a radon gas detector now. Purchase your own radon gas test kit direct & save. Ordering Info

Radon cannot be seen, smelled or tasted, but it exists in the air you breathe. You are likely to gain the most exposure to Radon in your own home, where you spend most of your time. Without proper precautions, Radon can build up to toxic levels and put your family members in danger of developing lung cancer.  Learn more about radon...

FACT: Radon in drinking water is a significant health hazard (to include stomach cancer), though a lesser hazard than radon gas in indoor air. Even when bathing or showering the radon gas releases from the water & can be dangerous. People with well water are usually more at risk. Learn more about Radon in water... 


Purchase your own radon in water test kit direct & save. Ordering Info

FACT: Carbon Monoxide (CO) is the number one cause of accidental poisoning in the U.S. & has similar symptoms to the common cold or even the flue. Learn more...



FACT: Fire & smoke destroy too many lives, scar too many others & destroy valuable property. Make certain that you have smoke detectors installed in the proper locations throughout your home, office etc. Be certain that your smoke detector is functioning properly, by testing periodically. Use an approved "smoke detector tester" to be certain the smoke sensor & circuitry is function. By pressing the button you can only be assured that the battery has remaining power & that the siren functions. Learn more...


Purchase smoke detectors and smoke detector tester direct. Ordering info

FACT: Mold consequences may include problems with mood, learning, sleep, interest in physical activity, asthma (sneezing, coughing, stopped-up nose etc), sinus infections, nasal polyps, shortness of breath, eye irritation or sensitivity to light, headaches, skin irritation, nose bleeds (especially infants) and ear infections (especially in young children). Winter nasal problems (bleeding etc) mistakenly may be attributed to dry air rather than the true cause of some allergies. Get this DVD for under $14

Moisture control is the key to mold control!

Water in your home can come from many sources. Water can enter your home by leaking or by seeping through basement floors. Showers and cooking add moisture to the air. The amount of moisture that the air can hold depends on the temperature of the air. As the temperature goes down, the air is able to hold less moisture. This is why, in cold weather, moisture condenses on cold surfaces. This moisture can encourage biological pollutants to grow.


A moisture meter like the one above can help find out if potentially damaging excess moisture is present . Use it to test hard or soft wood, concrete, plaster, carpet & more to determine the extent of moisture problems. Locate and trace roof leaks & water seepage; assess the extent of wet rot & hidden condensation. Where to Buy

NOTE: Many undetected water leaks in the home contribute to mold and expensive damage. These leaks can be from your water heater, laundry plumbing, under sinks, sumps, toilets, backed up drains and more. Get a flood alarm to alert you before damage actually occurs. These flood alarms are loud and reliable units. There are several models to choose from to match to your particular application. Where to Buy


Only you can protect your family from the environmental hazards in your home. Testing is easy and inexpensive with our home test kits & detectors.

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Lutron Ultrasonic Leak Detector 20-100kHz (GS-5800) with Case
Lutron Ultrasonic Leak Detector 20-100kHz (GS-5800) with Case
$229.00 $195.00
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Lutron AC-DC Magnetic Meter (PMG-302) Measures EMF in Gauss & Tesla
Lutron AC-DC Magnetic Meter (PMG-302) Measures EMF in Gauss & Tesla
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